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..| DoWnLoAd |..

..| HeLpCeNtEr |..

..| BuG GaLlErY |..

..| CoNtAcT |..

The current version of the BiTBuG is for Windows released on 4th of September 2014

To install the BiTBuG you have to click on download and run the Setup.msi or save it and run it later from your local drive.
We don't have an Authenticode Certificate for now and your Windows will tell you that the manufacturer is unknown.
You can ignore that and continue the installation.

Please remember that you have to run the BiTBuG as Administrator for the first time.
Otherwise you'll get an error during the saving process of the configuration file.


- Release notes


- Removed the calling for our website at startup


- Because of problems during save process the config file was moved


- Context menu edited
- Setting borders is now possible
- Splat animation added
- Problems with resolution fixed
- Animation for walking edited
- 64 bit is now supported
- Many bugs were fixed


- Fixed problems adding short-cuts to network


- ThE BiTBuG is now reduced in it's size
- Render quality of the icons is now better


- Get to the over-layer download site over context menu
- Click once setup changed to stand alone setup
(Don't forget to remember your pinned apps before you deinstall the old version)


- Click on empty item allows to choose file or directory


- Double click on BiTBuG allows to minimize it to taskbar

Version 1.0.2

- A context menu is added
- Closing the application through the context menu is possible
- Over-layer is added for the open icon menu
- Custom over-layer for the open icon menu is possible
- Walking animation is added
- Random targets on whole screen workspace were added
- Configuration window added
- Multi-monitor support added

- Comming soon

- Categories
- Scalable icons
- Bug eggs on screen
- Bug spray can
- Mini game "BuG CoNtRoL"

- Well known bugs

Drag and drop of the BiTBuG to the highest point of the screen is not supported by windows operating system.
If you try, the BiTBuG jumps then back down on the desktop.

Administration : Stefan Bugajczyk | support@bitbug.bugajczyk.com

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