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Welcome at the not 100% bug free website of the one real original BiTBuG, hope you enjoy the contents ;-)

- What is the BiTBuG

The BiTBuG is an easy to use and configure, funny animated and simple drag and drop based start-up menu to manage your
favorite or often used applications or short-cuts. You can simply position your programs on a grid around the BiTBuG and start
them in future from it.

You can get more information about the application in the helpcenter.

- Why do I need this application

The first reason is that this application is really very useful and time saving when your are working the whole day with more then
one application. The next point is that this application provides funny animations which make your workday much easier. But the
prime thing is that this application is simply very nice and cool.

- What does the BiTBuG cost

The software is now and will stay in future in 100% free for private and commercial using. To fund this application this website
contains payed advertisement and we hope you will visit it very often.

- What is the BiTBuG Corporation

Under the logo of the BiTBuG Corporation applications like the BiTBuG were published. This company belongs to Stefan Bugajczyk.

Thank you and enjoy the software

Administration : Stefan Bugajczyk | support@bitbug.bugajczyk.com

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